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It’s The Behavior Pathway, Stupid!

Here’s an important question: Why do agencies have such a hard time creating truly integrated work that resonates with people? It’s because most still think in terms of brands and projects, not in terms of audience behavior and interest. You know I’m right. As much as they try to avoid it, most agencies are … [Read More...]

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this is a blue sky shot, with a nift black box!

A Blue Sky And A Box

So many creatives within agencies have come to believe the … [Read More...]


Curation. It’s Not Just For Museums Anymore!

I'm sitting right now on a flight to San Francisco, amazed at the … [Read More...]


Look Yonder – The White Unicorn!

Duuuuuuude! You could get into troubllllle! Or maybe not. An … [Read More...]

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Guest slot ONE

Guest lightning is where I convince great minds to offer their … [Read More...]

Archived but still shmokin’

Random Strikes

Emotive human-machine interface

Future Freak

When Linden Labs’ Second Life arrived just a few years ago, it was met with a combination of enthusiasm, disregard and disdain. But there were many who yearned for a way to experience life in a different way–or more accurately, as different people. For them, Second Life provided a … [Read More...]

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Guest Lightning!

Discussing the economic downturn

New Will 2 Power? That’s What They Say

The stock market is perhaps more volatile and turbulent than it has ever been. Wild points swings of 400-600 points each day are now commonplace. And the word is that a new downward spiral is in progress. Will it bottom hard like the horrific crash of 2008 still fresh in our memories? No one knows, but here’s the strange thing. Unlike in 2008, when a glut of junk mortgages … [Read More...]

Throwing Sparks

Feels good to be a crowdsourced gangsta!

Gangsta Goes Crowdsource

Well, it seems humanity can pretty much twist anything into a new variety of debauched behavior. The latest example of this can be found in the recent rash of crowdsourced hooliganism from London to Cleveland. Bored – or maybe just diabolically evil – youth have suddenly figured out that … [Read More...]

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And a Nice Purple Suit, Please

Ah, the age old story. Creatives take a whole bunch of great work to an unappreciative client who tears through everything with a soul just because he doesn’t see that nasty idea he threw the creative team last week. He then demands a logo the size of Uranus (You heard me–Uranus) be plastered onto whatever [...]

Logic Rules

RIP Flash

Apple. Flash Hata’

My work life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without an Apple. My Macbook Pro is a trusted friend every time I go into battle. And if I was marooned on a deserted island with only a single possession, it would be my iPhone. The simple reason is that I’m pretty sure I could download some sort of app … [Read More...]

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Guest slot THREE

Guest lightning is where I convince great minds to offer their perspectives on Logic and Lightning topics. It helps if I know these great minds well enough to ask personal favors like this, of course. I'm privileged to be associated with lots of people who have the insight and knowledge to add to the discourse, and I'm excited about the things that will surely be discussed … [Read More...]