And a Nice Purple Suit, Please

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 10.28.09 AM

Ah, the age old story. Creatives take a whole bunch of great work to an unappreciative client who tears through everything with a soul just because he doesn’t see that nasty idea he threw the creative team last week. He then demands a logo the size of Uranus (You heard me–Uranus) be plastered onto whatever [...]

Gangsta Goes Crowdsource

Feels good to be a crowdsourced gangsta!

Well, it seems humanity can pretty much twist anything into a new variety of debauched behavior. The latest example of this can be found in the recent rash of crowdsourced hooliganism from London to Cleveland. Bored – or maybe just diabolically evil – youth have suddenly figured out that crowdsourcing is good for a whole [...]

It’s The Behavior Pathway, Stupid!

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Here’s an important question: Why do agencies have such a hard time creating truly integrated work that resonates with people? It’s because most still think in terms of brands and projects, not in terms of audience behavior and interest. You know I’m right. As much as they try to avoid it, most agencies are guilty [...]

Apple. Flash Hata’

RIP Flash

My work life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without an Apple. My Macbook Pro is a trusted friend every time I go into battle. And if I was marooned on a deserted island with only a single possession, it would be my iPhone. The simple reason is that I’m pretty sure I could download some [...]

Water in the Digital Desert

Still a sock monkey in the desert

I was talking with a friend today about the way agencies view and approach the idea of digital communication. Digital is no longer a new discipline, of course. The majority of Americans have been living digital in some way for over a decade, and the majority of agencies have been trying to make sense of [...]

Giving Great The Love

High Maintenance Ideas

This very minute, I’m on location at a television spot shoot. That’s right; I’m typing, but listening to an Assistant Director yelling, “Okay – all quiet! Cel phones off, fans off! Let’s lock it and roll!” ADs have all kinds of “lock and load” language that sounds cool, by the way. Anyway, I’m fortunate to [...]

Branded for Life

Sorry we're open!

It’s 4:01 AM, and I can’t sleep. The reason I can’t sleep has nothing to do with insomnia. I can’t sleep because I’m sitting in an airport in the wee hours of a day that one of the nation’s largest airlines did me wrong, wrong, wrong. Wow, Delta Airlines. Somehow you guys have managed to [...]

Curation. It’s Not Just For Museums Anymore!


I’m sitting right now on a flight to San Francisco, amazed at the modern ability to communicate instantly with my tens of followers (thanks GoGo Inflight, even though your download times are abysmal). Anyway, I had the opportunity to catch up on a little reading and chose a Brian Solis article called The Curation Economy [...]

Future Freak

Emotive human-machine interface

When Linden Labs’ Second Life arrived just a few years ago, it was met with a combination of enthusiasm, disregard and disdain. But there were many who yearned for a way to experience life in a different way–or more accurately, as different people. For them, Second Life provided a better-than-imaginary way to slip the bonds [...]

Social Media: The Great Brand Deceiver

people talk to people

For brand marketers, social media holds a tantalizing intrigue: it’s free! At least, that’s how we tend to think about it. The problem is that it’s not free. Yes, setting up a Facebook page is pretty much free. And if you have any programming ability at all, you can create tabs. But social media simply [...]