Apple. Flash Hata’

RIP Flash

My work life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without an Apple. My Macbook Pro is a trusted friend every time I go into battle. And if I was marooned on a deserted island with only a single possession, it would be my iPhone. The simple reason is that I’m pretty sure I could download some [...]

Giving Great The Love

High Maintenance Ideas

This very minute, I’m on location at a television spot shoot. That’s right; I’m typing, but listening to an Assistant Director yelling, “Okay – all quiet! Cel phones off, fans off! Let’s lock it and roll!” ADs have all kinds of “lock and load” language that sounds cool, by the way. Anyway, I’m fortunate to [...]

Social Media: The Great Brand Deceiver

people talk to people

For brand marketers, social media holds a tantalizing intrigue: it’s free! At least, that’s how we tend to think about it. The problem is that it’s not free. Yes, setting up a Facebook page is pretty much free. And if you have any programming ability at all, you can create tabs. But social media simply [...]

Focus Groups R Funny. Like A Knife 2 The Gut.

Apple 1984 sotry boards

Most people aren’t aware that focus groups were invented specifically to kill all creative work. In fact, legend tells of a bunch of suited accountants at the dawning of the age of focusgroupaquarius having a brainstorm: “People, we have to practice some CYA here. If we let those hippies in the ad agencies just go [...]

A Blue Sky And A Box

this is a blue sky shot, with a nift black box!

So many creatives within agencies have come to believe the creative brief is a complete waste of time. That’s because most of them never see a quality strategic brief, and that’s a shame. You can blame this on agency leadership for two reasons: It’s up to leadership to help clients understand the real value of [...]

Because A Brand Only Exists In The Mind


I love BNET. Every piece on there is really smart, and I just saw a video that featured Lego Brand Architect Tormold Askildsen. For me, the guy summed up exactly what the successful 21st century brand will have to be and do. It also made me consider my own views on the subject. Perhaps the [...]