Gangsta Goes Crowdsource

Feels good to be a crowdsourced gangsta!

Well, it seems humanity can pretty much twist anything into a new variety of debauched behavior. The latest example of this can be found in the recent rash of crowdsourced hooliganism from London to Cleveland. Bored – or maybe just diabolically evil – youth have suddenly figured out that crowdsourcing is good for a whole [...]

Branded for Life

Sorry we're open!

It’s 4:01 AM, and I can’t sleep. The reason I can’t sleep has nothing to do with insomnia. I can’t sleep because I’m sitting in an airport in the wee hours of a day that one of the nation’s largest airlines did me wrong, wrong, wrong. Wow, Delta Airlines. Somehow you guys have managed to [...]

Future Freak

Emotive human-machine interface

When Linden Labs’ Second Life arrived just a few years ago, it was met with a combination of enthusiasm, disregard and disdain. But there were many who yearned for a way to experience life in a different way–or more accurately, as different people. For them, Second Life provided a better-than-imaginary way to slip the bonds [...]

Shhh – Hear That? It’s Thankfulness

Thankful Big Big

I had intended to run a different post today. I’ve been pretty stoked about the idea of virtual reality, which is quickly becoming a reality as we speak. But as Thanksgiving approached, I decided to shelve that barely futuristic topic in favor of a holiday message. Virtual reality can wait a week, right? We Americans [...]

Look Yonder – The White Unicorn!


Duuuuuuude! You could get into troubllllle! Or maybe not. An American high school kid named Fei Lam found the key to a nice little treasure chest when he responded to a piece of SPAM that was advertising OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts for the Apple iPhone. The parts of interest were white exterior case [...]

Oh No They Did Not.

Yanko Designs presents the socially networked tombstone

Oh yes they did. Technology has just broached a brand new frontier – the one that belongs to the dead. Yanko Designs recently presented a prototype for a socially-networked tombstone called e-tomb. Yes, it’s quite brilliant. Yes, it makes total sense in the context of the continuing transfer of human intellect to cyberspace. And yes, [...]

Antisocial Media

One of BuzzFeed's 40 Billboards Improved By Graffitti

[ …Sources indicate the phrase “rage against the machine” was coined by musician Zack de la Rocha in 1989. The common question is, “What machine are they raging against?” According to Tom Morello, “The machine can be anything from the police in L.A. that can tear motorists from their cars and beat them to a [...]

Ghost! Billboard

From Lead Pencil Studio

Lest we forget, it’s time for Halloween. Or Harvest Festival, or whatever. That means Logic and Lightning is bound by various laws of the universe to bust out something ghostly. Here it is. A studio called Lead Pencil has created a truly spooktastic art piece called “Non Sign II.” It’s part of the U.S. Government’s [...]

Now That’s Live Type!

Picture 6

I have never seen type so unruly. But I like it – a lot. This is the work of a visual artist named Tariq Yousef, who seems to be mind-bogglingly talented. It’s hard not to like work that feels this unconstrained and still sophisticated, and it’s definitely stuff I wish I had in my own [...]

Hot New Media: Buns

college coeds doing bunless sampling

Yes, KFC is employing college babes on campus to push their new bun-less chicken sandwich. And yes, they’re using buns to do it. Is it wrong? The National Organization for Women thinks so. Is it effective? You bet your butt. After working incredibly hard for the last two decades to make one of the most [...]