Future Freak

Emotive human-machine interface

When Linden Labs’ Second Life arrived just a few years ago, it was met with a combination of enthusiasm, disregard and disdain. But there were many who yearned for a way to experience life in a different way–or more accurately, as different people. For them, Second Life provided a better-than-imaginary way to slip the bonds [...]

Oh No They Did Not.

Yanko Designs presents the socially networked tombstone

Oh yes they did. Technology has just broached a brand new frontier – the one that belongs to the dead. Yanko Designs recently presented a prototype for a socially-networked tombstone called e-tomb. Yes, it’s quite brilliant. Yes, it makes total sense in the context of the continuing transfer of human intellect to cyberspace. And yes, [...]

Ghost! Billboard

From Lead Pencil Studio

Lest we forget, it’s time for Halloween. Or Harvest Festival, or whatever. That means Logic and Lightning is bound by various laws of the universe to bust out something ghostly. Here it is. A studio called Lead Pencil has created a truly spooktastic art piece called “Non Sign II.” It’s part of the U.S. Government’s [...]

Now That’s Live Type!

Picture 6

I have never seen type so unruly. But I like it – a lot. This is the work of a visual artist named Tariq Yousef, who seems to be mind-bogglingly talented. It’s hard not to like work that feels this unconstrained and still sophisticated, and it’s definitely stuff I wish I had in my own [...]

Crowdsourcing. In Bb.

In Bb window

It seems every new medium we create eventually becomes a laboratory for stretching the limits, and the web is no exception. Witness In B Flat, the brainchild of composer Darren Solomon. Also the creator of Science for Girls, Mr. Solomon has conceived of a way to create interesting collaborative musical harmony with “found” music and [...]

I Say Dance, You Dance!

Dentsu London Sound Sculptures

Wow. Dentsu London has actually made color dance. When I saw this new work, I was reminded of how simple most of the truly powerful communication really is. The intent for this recently completed campaign for Canon’s PIXMA line of printers was to bring color to life, and it does that in an extraordinary way. [...]