And a Nice Purple Suit, Please

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 10.28.09 AM

Ah, the age old story. Creatives take a whole bunch of great work to an unappreciative client who tears through everything with a soul just because he doesn’t see that nasty idea he threw the creative team last week. He then demands a logo the size of Uranus (You heard me–Uranus) be plastered onto whatever [...]

Guest Lightning! The Creative Renaissance

fresco painting by Raphael, circa 1510-1512

Calling all advertising students across the globe! It is time to join the fight against evil. The enemy is mediocrity.  Mediocrity is plaguing advertising mediums across the board and it’s becoming acceptable to be “just good enough.” But since when was mediocrity good enough?  Did Bill Bernbach believe the Volkswagen was a “just good enough” [...]