Ghost! Billboard

From Lead Pencil Studio

Lest we forget, it’s time for Halloween. Or Harvest Festival, or whatever. That means Logic and Lightning is bound by various laws of the universe to bust out something ghostly. Here it is. A studio called Lead Pencil has created a truly spooktastic art piece called “Non Sign II.” It’s part of the U.S. Government’s Art in Architecture program, and is located along the U.S./Canadian border zone near Blaine, Washington. The intent was to add some interest to the cluttered signage landscape in that area, and you have to hand it to artists Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo because it’s definitely worth a look. The billboard itself is completely non-existent; a shape created by twisted metal edges. The result is a framed visual of the sky and nothing else. Niiiiice.

By the way, Lead Pencil’s site says it’s a new voice in the emerging field created from the interdisciplinary overlap of architecture and site specific art. See? That statement alone is scary – now who’s your Halloween daddy?

U.S. Government’s Art in Architecture program:

Here’s another ghostly board – it has nothing to do with the other board. It’s just cool.


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  2. April says:

    And Halloween or not, none of us should be without the matching iPad home screen wallpaper for any occasion:

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    • admin says:

      Thanks for reading – I think marketing, advertising and entertainment are all morphing into one big entity. Lots of interesting things out there. Please visit again! – Alan

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