Apple. Flash Hata’

My work life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without an Apple. My Macbook Pro is a trusted friend every time I go into battle. And if I was marooned on a deserted island with only a single possession, it would be my iPhone. The simple reason is that I’m pretty sure I could download some sort of app that would cause a rescue plane to land there. Just the same, I’m a little annoyed right now. I’m thinking Steve Jobs may have learned market share 101 a little too well back in the days when Microsoft had Apple on the ropes. Mr. Jobs now clearly controls the flow of what’s next, and he and his Cupertino crew summarily trashed the future of the fairly affable Adobe Flash some time ago. Though I have faith that everything will eventually work out, I’m frustrated about the slow and painful death I’m watching.

I can never confidently decide what format to choose for online videos, because iPads and iPhones see the otherwise ubiquitous Flash format as archaic and un-necessary. Never mind that some estimates are that Flash is present in up to 70% of online content. Heck, the whole reason Flash even got so popular was that it was neither Quicktime nor Microsoft’s nerdy movie format. When YouTube made the move to adopt it, Flash became the standard for online video, and remained so until the Cupertino gang pulled heaters on it. And why would they do this? Despite functionality and efficiency claims, I think it’s clearly a play to control the format of online content and make sure said content conforms to Apple’s needs.

Enter the 5

There’s not a thing I can do about the killing of Flash, and that means I have to move to the new and shiny HTML5 format. HTML5 isn’t just the new video standard by the way – the video standard seems to actually be H.264. And yes, that’s technically MPEG4, courtesy of Apple, I believe. HTML5 is now also replacing Flash as the primary method for creating interesting user interface, even though I haven’t yet seen anyone do much with it beyond replacing a top area Flash movie banner with a slide show. It’s more mobile friendly all the way around, but I’m not yet that stoked. What about you? Do I have the tech right? Do you love the new 5? I want to hear from you, LL readers.


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