Crowdsourcing. In Bb.

It seems every new medium we create eventually becomes a laboratory for stretching the limits, and the web is no exception. Witness In B Flat, the brainchild of composer Darren Solomon. Also the creator of Science for Girls, Mr. Solomon has conceived of a way to create interesting collaborative musical harmony with “found” music and rhythm. After noticing that there was nothing to prevent several YouTube videos from playing simultaneously, he decided to experiment with what kind of result would come of combining randomly generated musical segments. He got online and called for submissions, with the instructive that any rhythm, any instrument, any melody would do – as long as it was in the key of B flat.  The requirements were simple:

• Sing or play an instrument, in Bb major. Simple, floating textures work best, with no tempo or groove. Leave lots of silence between phrases
• Record in a quiet environment, with as little background noise as possible
• Wait about 5-10 seconds to start playing
• Total length should be between 1-2 minutes
• Thick chords or low instruments don’t work very well
• Record at a low volume to match the other videos
• You can listen to (this mix) on headphones while you record

According to the mucho musical Mr. Solomon, he got a lot of submissions. After combing them and selecting the ones that paired well, he posted 20 of them to YouTube and then collected them in a single window on The vids can be played independently or all together, and they can be started at different times or simultaneously. The volumes can also be adjusted independently, effectively creating a musical playground that can produce many different results. Though the melodies and beats are fairly disparate, the fact that they’re all in Bb makes it work together somehow. Mr. Solomon also encourages others to create their own versions, and many already have. Genius.

In Bb 2.0 is a collaborative music and spoken word project conceived by Darren Solomon from Science for Girls (, and developed with contributions from users. For more on the In Bb 2.0 project, . A similar project inspired by In Bb can be found at

In Bb window


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