My name is Alan Whitley, and I’m a writer. I’m also an advertising Creative Director and an idea guy. I love making communication for brands of all kinds, especially those that can be shaped from an early stage. I suppose it’s kind of like building a new home – everything is potential. With regard to marketing and the roles defined within that, I don’t fit into categories very well. It’s largely because I’ve accepted the fact that I like to do a lot of things. I like to work with brand positioning and brand strategy, I create communication concept, and I have fun executing in pretty much every medium. It’s all the same thing to me. For now, clicking on the Gravatar (small photo) of me will take you to my portfolio website, http://www.alanwhitley.com. Shortly, I’ll probably also begin to populate this “about” area with some of my new work. Thanks so much for spending time here. I’d like for you to become involved in the conversations on Logic and Lightning, and I’m sure I can offer some interesting topics – there’s always something fresh in marketing.

- Alan